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The 2nd exotic cultural festival of theForeign language department opened

Time:12-02  Source:  Reporter:

      On November 22nd, the second exotic cultural festival of the foreign language Department opened at the Qiu Shi Square. The main leaders of our college attended the open ceremony: Zhan Yong, Wan Ping, Yang Xianming, Tian Maochao, Wang Xiaomei, Shuai Yongping, Qi Song and Yan Dandan .


      During the ceremony, Wang Xiaomei said, exotic cultural festival is a great chance for students to feel the culture and style of other countries. Many colleges and universities which at home even abroad all treat exotic cultural festival as a important chance to display students’ integrated skills. So this time the foreign language Department made careful preparations for this activity, we do believe that it will make you experience a different cultural feast, we also hope that all the students could participate in this event, take their talent, professional skills into practical use.


      Yang Xianming said at the ceremony, culture is a very deep concept, and we hope that students could have a better understanding of culture through the exotic cultural festival, we believe this activity will became a symbol of our college just like the reading activity in the literature department.


        Zhan Yong said in an interview, the event not only strengthen the construction of study, but also can help students better focus on their study, I hope that "exotic cultural festival" will become a regular activity, and become a symbol of our college.

        It’s said that this event have been prepared for more than a month, many teachers and students devoted themselves to make it perfect, so this time the exotic cultural festival is better and more colorful than last time. (nie hanhong report)